Hemp is the most strongest, durable and useful fibre on our planet. Founded quickest to grow and harvest making it effective for many resource materials. Combined fibre, organic cotton given an effective blend to its roots. The fabric is breathable, soft comfort and makes you feel relaxed. Thankful to Hemporium!
Helping to contribute towards a less polluted and safer environment for all.

‘All natural…’

Dyes were included in the t-shirt and tee-dress range. Beetroot has been a great element for the dyeing process. Colour Pantone varies in a Bermuda pink, turquoise green, and biscuit brown. Added other natural ingredients to the mixture such as kale, tea, cinnamon, coarse salt, vinegar and coconut oil. Alluring tie and dip dye added a pattern colour tone effect. Including beautiful detail with 3D weaving (braid) technique on tee and t-shirt dress.

All t-shirt and t-shirt dresses are all locally made in South Africa. Thankful to be working with the amazing team at ‘The Edit Atelier’ in Maitland – Cape Town. They are known for their “expert level of apparel manufacturing.”

As of now, we continue to producing amazing refined quality and durable clothing styles for you all.

JILLIANA is a part of the Fashion Revolution.

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